Get A Pool Cover For All Shapes Of Swimming Pools

In the huge majority of cases especially with the sort of covers we have available in the Australian marketplace, a pool cover will nearly always have to be attached to a pool cover roller coaster for ease of handling both putting on and taking off the cover, unless of course, it’s fairly small in size.

So, therefore, the question of if fitting a pay to some shaped pool is possible doesn’t break with the cover itself but whether or not a roller can be set up and if the contour will lend itself to being wrapped up with comparative ease.

Cutting a plastic pool cover on any shaped pool is potential for an experienced installer, but a roller is a fixed size and shape and has to have the ability to stand in the right place on the pool deck relative to the pool so that the cover roll up procedure can be carried out with relative ease.Get more information about best automatic retractable pool covers through web.

automatic retractable pool covers

Where we encounter a difficulty mostly is in tight pool enclosures with hardly any free access room round the pool. This is a huge limitation on where to establish a pool cover roller.

Jagged rock gardens which run directly up to the pool edge can be another tough area even if you’re able to find a roller in since it may induce the cover to be pulled over those jagged rocks so as to place the cover on and take it off, together with the elevated risk of damaging the cover every time.

In the majority of these situations, a seasoned installer could have an alternate solution eg; lifting the roller onto a wall or fence etc but sometimes it’s just not possible.

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