How to fix printer paper jams?

When you are working with any printer you may encounter with many problems like printer paper jam etc.

To overcome this issue you should follow following steps:

First of all turn off your printer. This will reduce the risk of damaging the printer. Safely unplug the printer.

Than lift the main cover of printer . Remove all the loose papers from the output trays. Gently try to move the print head sideways. Do not use force , otherwise it will damage your print head.

Slowly remove the paper. Grasp paper forcefully and remove it slowly. Do not tear the paper inside printer otherwise it will interfere during printing. Pulling the paper roughly can also cause damage. If there is no way to remove the paper without tearing , grab both ends of paper and remove all torn paper pieces  from the printer.

After this switch it on. Printer will automatically reset itself.if printer is still jam, then turn to off and again switch on it. If after this problem still continue than call for service.

With some patience and attention, you can easily overcome any printer problem that annoys you. These printer fixing and hacking tricks can be used while other printing methods like banner printing in Singapore and leaflet printing as well. 

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