Modern-day merchandising using stanchions

Stanchions can not only be used as crowd control and line creators, they, in fact, can also be used to help drive sales of products.

Believe it or not, it has actually been proven that person’s ideal activity seek out the most things to interact with. So, where are people always ideal? Well, let’s see, while they’re waiting in aline of course. This is where you as owners have the chance of monetizing your crowd control stanchions and increasing sales on items that you want them to buy.

How do you take advantage of this situation?

It is not much complicated, though, all you need to do is find a way to display the products right next to where they are waiting in line. Adding products to the queue is known as queue merchandising and this is a sure guarantee, that it would increase your sales. It is a great way to display merchandise that may get overlooked by customers.

I have seen them in a lot of stores around the US. And what most of us don’t realize is that we don’t even know what the system is called. Most of the time at queue merchandising you might find the little things like key rings, chewing gums, lighters, snacks, magazines, drinks and other electronic goodies which are at checkout locations.

What is the logic behind this?

And the logic behind keeping these things there is as a customer walks through the shopping isle they may not pick them as they are not necessary to them but since they have nothing to interact with they are forced to look at these items during checkout and this is exactly what brings in the sales.

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