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crowd control barriers

May the best barrier base win! Choose effectively

The most liable component of a barrier is its bases. The deterioration that is caused due to utilization of a steel barricade will most often become obvious in base damaging. It is important to acquire replaceable bolt-on barricade basis rather than those created through welded-on procedures.

Here are 4 common types of base:

  • Customary bridge base: the traditionally designed bridge base has emerged as the most significant yet renowned type of barricade, the basic purpose of bride bases is to offer the best type of resistance through a push up mechanism that is the reason why its looks are suitable for events like parades.
  • Flat base: these barricades are normally used for diverting pedestrians around a specific site of construction particularly. There are a lot of good quality flat base features that are now utilized under this sort of procedures with an intention to get rid of any jagged corners of the barricades.
  • U base: the U base is similar to the traditional bridge bases of designing and development aspects. The purpose of this base is to provide a four point consistency, moreover the U base also offers an extra advantage for rubber stoppers to reduce sliding making them damage free.
  • Wheel base: the wheel base is an ideal fit for localities where there is constant moving or lifting. It has been designed to make moving capabilities easy.



Every barrier base is built to make crowd control easier and most effective, the right choice is your choice.