Take Benefits of Gear Box

The gearbox is one of the most important pieces of an automatic electric gun. This is considered as the  core of an AEG  if it’s broken or not properly maintained .For these reasons, it’s very important to understand the functionality of the gearbox as well as its parts and maintenance.

The Bevel, Spur and Sector gears.

It is slightly conical in shape to be perpendicular to the motor. It’s another set of smaller teeth that’s then joined to the Spur Gear. A complete range of gearmotors, gearbox and mechanical speed variators for light duty industrial automation applications.

The Spur Gear is the one which augments the spinning power of the motor in the Bevel to the Sector Gear. The smaller set of teeth of the Spur equipment gives a much faster spin to the Sector gear.

The Sector Gear also has two sets of teeth. The other one doesn’t have a complete set of teeth to surround the gear. This section of the gear serves as the catch and release of the piston.


It catches the piston and pulls it back compressing the spring behind the piston. And because the gear does not have a complete set of teeth that the piston gets released and pushes the air towards a small hole where a BB is positioned.

These gears work in unison with the entire mechbox. It begins from the trigger as it connects the flow of power from the battery to the motor (at many electric Airsoft guns). The motor then turns the Bevel Gear which turns the Spur Gear from its outer group of the teeth. Outside this , see various  Panasonic sensors  through http://www.thaisupport.co.th/Panasonic-Sensors.html.

The smaller group of teeth of the Spur Gear rotates faster and thus turns Sector Gear much faster. The Sector Gear then does its job of pulling back the piston to compress the spring behind it.

To keep this gears working correctly, they should always be cleaned of dirt. After cleaning it should be lubricated to reduce friction and decrease the odds of heating up. It’s recommended to stop firing and provide sometime to your gears to cool down if it overheats.

Gears that are made from plastic tend to melt with prolonged use while those made from metal tend to heat up faster but provides more power.

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