Website Designing – How Your Client Become Happy

Designing a site is an easy job, but to make a perfect and effective site is a little bit difficult. Today the main reason for an unsuccessful site in layman language is half baking cake as he put the flour and the other things but forgot to put sugar. We should creating a website in steps and keep a few important things in our thoughts.

Website Designing - How Your Client Become Happy

 I think if you follow these steps then nobody can stop your site's success.

Step 1 – As I already explained in the introduction that firstly, you must design the website rather than creating. You should be aware of the customers liking and disliking up to some extent and he should set the text and images based on the requirement of client.

Step 2 – In the second step, you should start creating the website. Now you should take care of few things. 

Step 3 – In this step, you should look after the text. The material should be best and eye-catching. You can change the color or the size of the text according to its value such the heading should be emphasized so, the size of the heading should be bigger than the rest of the content.

Step 4 – The most important thing that we should bear in mind is the color combination. The color combination should not be like be like this which can affect our eye.

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