Why 100% American Cotton Isn’t Better Than Egyptian Cotton

Patriots may love buying purely American made products, but beware: a label of “100% American Cotton” could be misleading in terms of the quality of the product. 

The truth is that “American cotton” isn't really a type of cotton, but only a statement about the country of origin. Most cotton products in the United States are actually made of a variety of cotton called “upland cotton”, which is a short staple cotton with a fairly rough feel to it. If you've ever stayed at a medium to high end range hotel and wanted to lay in bed forever because the sheets were amazing, odds are high that you experienced ELS “extra long staple” cotton sheets. They are 2 different species of cotton plants

These sets of sheets are usually hundreds of dollars for a set, so if the set of sheets you're paying for is under $80, odds are high that you're getting the upland variety of cotton instead of the high end product you're looking for. 

Americans who want high quality cotton should look for “Supima” on the label, because that denotes that the product is certified by the Supima Association to contain only Pima cotton. This is an ELS cotton variety that is grown in the southwest of the United States and is just as high quality as the ELS cotton that is grown in the Nile River basin in Egypt.

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